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About High Mountain Coffees

Buy Kona Coffee Hand-Picked with care on Our High Mountain Kona Estate.

Welcome to the High Mountain Kona Coffee Growers.

We have forgotten how to enjoy the simple things in life: natural beauty, great personalities, a comfortable plane ride, and time to savor that perfect cup of mountain grown coffee. In creating the High Mountain Kona Coffee, we envisioned a coffee brand you could sit down, relax, and enjoy any atmosphere with High expectations in your cup; a cup that could distract from the world’s outside or the world inside.

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You’re at the High Mountain Estate and life moves a little slower on this old farm.

Why we believe we are the best High Mountain Estate Coffee?

The drive behind High Mountain Estate was to create a coffee company connected to the massif mountains of the Big Island. This is evident in High Mountain’s list of coffees. Signature roasts like ‘Light-Medium’, ‘Medium-dark’, and of course ‘Dark’ or better known as “French Roast”are just some of the options you’ll find at High Mountain Estate.
High Mountain Estate is always looking for new way to improve our Mountain coffee. If you are driven like we are, customer orientated individuals with a passion for knowing what it takes to make great coffee and keep improving it, than perhaps this is your new mountain coffee brand.

Sealed in our special Hawaiian designed packages while still warm, our beans stay fresh for your enjoyment out on the trial or at home.

All High Mountain Kona Coffees are available for secure purchase here at: .

High Mountain Kona Coffee Growers

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