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High Mountain Kona Coffee Growers

100% Kona Coffee Hand-Picked with care on Our High Mountain Kona Estate.


High Mountain Estate Coffee is sold Directly to the Brewer.

Our coffee has been grown by our small family without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The rewards are better Kona coffee for you, a better life for us the coffee farmers if you buy direct, togather we can have a positive impact on the environment. Ready For 100% Kona Coffee Now? Click Here!

100% Kona Coffee

The High Mountain Roasting Process

  Once the coffee has reached the optimum roast color, the flame in the roaster is shut off and the coffee is cooled down to stop the cooking process. The coffee is emptied into a cooling drum where it is stirred while cool air flows through it until it has reached a warm temperature that is optimal for packaging. The difference between a light and dark roast coffee is a matter of 1-2 minutes of additional roasting.
About High Mountain Coffee Roasting: 
  Typically, the best coffees are roasted medium so the full natural flavor of the coffee is developed. The difference from a light/medium, medium/dark roasted coffee and dark/French roast, is often likened to the difference between a medium-rare and well done steak.
  The darker the roast, the more charred flavors will begin to mask the natural flavors of the coffee. Every bean at High Mountain Estate has a specific flavor so be sure try all three, you may be surprised.

About The Best Hand Farmed Kona Coffee Beans

High Mountain Kona Coffee is Delivered to the Home Buyer Direct.

Which means more of the funds you pay ends up in the hands of the hard working Americans who grew and roasted the coffee.


Grind your coffee to the perfect consistency.

Remember, medium grind isn’t used in all coffee makers. Call a High Mountain associate to help you select the right grind. When measuring High Mountain as a rule of thumb, use two tablespoons of High Mountain ground coffee for every 6 oz of cold water.


Choose the Best Mountain Spring Water

The best water doesn’t come from the municipal tap. If you can’t access the mountain to scoop your water directly from a mountain spring, please put it through a slow high quality H2O filter.


Store Kona Coffee in Airtight Container

To enjoy true taste of High Mountain coffee at home, High Mountain should be stored in an airtight container, away from light, heat, moisture and never stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

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High Ideas To Improve Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee Hand-Picked with care on our High Mountain Kona Estate.